Children's Sunday Club 2024



The Next Sunday Club is on Sunday March 24th  at 11am


January 2024

Our first Sunday Club of the New Year:

Chris celebrated Candlemas with the children. She told the story of the Presentation of Jesus at the temple. Simeon and Anna recognised him as their Lord. “The light of the world” candles are lit during church services to remind Christians of this. We decorated  jars  and shells to use as candle holders.








February 2024


Chris led the Sunday Club today: 'We made mobiles, which told the story of Lent to Easter. We talked about Jesus in the wilderness and the Forty days of Lent, which ends at Easter Day.' 

The children also helped to set up and take part in the service. They put the hymn numbers on the hymn boards, lit the candles and helped Chris set up the Sunday Club activities. During the service, they read the prayers, took the Offertory and collection to the altar and George rang the communion bell.








Please join us again.

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