2018 Annual Report from the Team Vicar, Revd Ellen Goldsmith



Ladock Church is a place to welcome and embrace all who come to hear the word of God, to worship and pray, and for fellowship.This motivates and enables us to reach out to the wider community to share the love of God


It is now a year since we developed this Mission Statement as part of the Accompanied Ministerial Development process last year.  I think it is fair to say we have been true to our mission.  It has also stood us in good stead for producing the Parish Profile and advertisement for a new Benefice Team Rector, having said goodbye and thank you to Canon Revd Andrew Wade and his wife Jane, in November.  We look forward to having an annual Team Rector’s Report next year!  And we look forward to welcoming a new Bishop after Bishop Tim left Truro for Lambeth Palace last summer.

So, it is fitting to say thank you to all who are playing their parts in the life of the Church, particularly making the Transition period smooth, and moving on.  Our Secretary has done sterling work. We are trying to keep ‘ahead of the game’ by the production of a Welcome Pack for newcomers to the village, with the prayer that our welcome will reflect God’s welcome.  We hope and pray that the new Rector will find a warm welcome and a willingness for all that God plans for us next year.  We continue to pray, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. 

Doing the ‘ordinary’ things well is so important, in addition to the ‘added extras’.  Our regular worship and fellowship, annual services and events, have often been filled with joy and reflection, aided from time to time, by visiting clergy and our Curate, the Choir and musicians, our Worship Leaders, Church Wardens, the PCC, and a host of volunteers:  ‘We are the Body of Christ’.  And the bells continue to ring out God’s call to worship. We hope that the installation of a screen will give an added dimension and diversity to Church and parish life from time to time. 

The building and graveyard have been kept in good state, with two notable additions: 

a new stained-glass window, designed by Oriel Hicks, was generously donated by the Holborow family in memory of Geoffrey Holborow, and dedicated in May by Bishop Tim, the Bishop of Truro.  And, the graveyard has been extended to provide for the years ahead.  

So, it was timely that we held a session entitled ‘Grave Talk’ giving the opportunity for people to think about coming to a good end in this life, and preparing for the transition to the next.

Every year brings its sadnesses, none more sharply felt than the deaths of several long-standing members of the Church, whom we remember with deep affection and appreciation.


We always seek to use the Church money wisely and well, very ably guided by our Treasurer. There are two particular challenges here:  one is to know how best we can use mission funds to reach out across the whole parish, including Grampound Road; the second is to balance our books with regular, generous and proportionate giving, that reflects both God’s generosity and his heart for those yet to respond to him, and those in need. The Diocese of Truro is implementing a new financial system next year which will challenge us with some stark realities.  It will be ‘cost-based’ for each Deanery, the largest cost being for clergy (76%).  So there will be the real possibility of reduced clergy numbers which does not help Church growth.  We shall all need to look, prayerfully and honestly, at our giving to see if it can be increased to let the work of God flourish in our parishes.


It was a great joy for old and young to celebrate Ladock School’s 150th Anniversary, and to give a small cross to each child, using the Canon Wise fund.  We hope to bless and distribute crosses on Easter Sunday this year.

Tuesdays at 9.00 sees a small number of people meeting to say Morning Prayer together.

A small group of parents and grandparents has met several times, particularly to pray for and support their children at school.  It has been encouraging, and I think worth pursuing.  Links with the School, through services and assemblies, continue to be strong.

A ‘first’ this year was the Christmas Tree Festival; it was so beautiful, and we were delighted to welcome so many contributors and visitors.  It set us on the right path for meaningful Christmas celebrations.


It is an encouragement and a privilege for me as we commit our Church and parish into God’s hands once again – hands that I have personally come to trust more deeply this year; and I thank you all once again for all you give, for your love and support.

May God continue to bless us all, and make us a blessing to others.                

Revd Ellie Goldsmith, Team Vicar


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