Parish Giving

Parish Giving


Ladock is fortunate to have a thriving Parish Church.  Thanks largely to the work and dedication of the late Geoffrey Holborow, facilities have been improved enormously over the last two years: we now have an internal toilet, a modern kitchen and a ringing chamber that is the envy of bell-ringers throughout the county. Those involved with the Church are keen to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of what we can offer on a secular as well as a religious level: it is an ideal venue in which to bring villagers and community groups together for concerts and meetings   


We know that many people in the village value having an open and active Church in their midst, even if they are not regular worshippers themselves: it would be sorely missed if ever it had to close. The generosity of parishioners both past and present means that this is most unlikely to occur, but we want to ensure that it remains the case by asking for support from the wider community. Whether you join us for special seasonal services during the year, visit the church as individuals to appreciate the peace and beauty of the surroundings or simply value having a beautiful building as a backcloth to our village, you might like the opportunity to contribute to this essential part of the fabric of our community.


Collections at services pay the costs of clergy and ministry, but we struggle to find enough to cover other expenses, the valued and unpaid help we receive from many unsung heroes (you know who you are), and the grant from the Parish Council for Churchyard expenses notwithstanding.   Some of these bills are substantial: insurance comes to £2,500 per annum whilst heating and lighting cost a similar amount.  Maintenance is a constant challenge with a Grade One listed building that holds some of the best William Morris windows in the country.


We have access to a national donation system, The Parish Giving Scheme.  This is a centrally run, professional system that offers a simple way for people to make regular donations to their parishes through use of the direct debit system.  There is no minimum amount or frequency.  Through the use of this system we will be able to ensure that your donations are used for general expenses and maintenance if you express that preference when signing up.


If you would like more information on the Parish Giving Scheme, please contact Jeremy Sharp on 07816 317180 or by email:



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