The Churchyard


Ladock Churchyard Information


1)   The Churchyard is owned by the Parochial Church Council who have the duty to maintain the churchyard.

2)  Those entitled to be buried in the Churchyard are residents of the parish of any denomination, those born in the parish or those with strong parish connections.

3)  Graves:  Headstones may only be erected 6 months after burial with the permission of the Chancellor of the Diocese, (a lawyer) whose authority is delegated to the Rector where the application for a headstone meets Diocesan Regulations.

4)   To help with Churchyard maintenance only simple, plain, granite or slate headstones are approved.   There are to be no kerbs erected round the grave space and no gravel on the grave space.   Flowers are to be in a suitable vase or container, preferably granite to match the headstone and either to be integral with the headstone or placed directly against the headstone and not in the centre of the grave space to enable grass cutting.   These vases can generally be obtained from the memorial mason.

5)   No bushes or shrubs are to be planted in the grave space.

6)  Burial of Ashes after Cremation:  wooden caskets with the ashes are to be buried in the dedicated position on the west boundary of the old Churchyard.   The caskets are to be buried at least 1” below the surface and covered by a simple tablet flush with the ground and approved by the Rector as with headstones.

7) Fees:  These are in accordance with the Church of England Table of Parochial Fees.  These are displayed on the Church Notice Board or can be found on the Church of England website.

8) All the graves in the churchyard have been recorded thanks to the kindness and hard work of the Ladock Old Cornwall Society.  A schedule and plan appear in the baptistry.




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