Shirley's Intercessions for Sunday 1st May 2022

Prayers for the 3rd Sunday of Easter.

Heavenly Father may we passionately proclaim your Glory……In the power of the Resurrection, give your people grace to love you deeply and to follow you faithfully all the days of our lives.

Fill the whole world with your power that all may acknowledge you……………Give light to those who are in the darkness of ignorance and prejudice ………Let all people know the particular calling that is your purpose for them.


Lord in thy mercy- hear our prayer.

Give grace to us, our families and friends to recognise the presence in all that we do and say ….. In our lives together make us witnesses to the love that he brings to all who will follow him.

Have mercy Lord on all who are grieved with guilt because they have wronged any that they have loved………Restore broken relationships and heal wounds of past betrayals.

Lord in thy Mercy- hear our prayer.


Lord at this Eastertime we ask you to increase our faith, our hope and our love.

Give us the faith that overcomes the world and enables us to face both life and death, calm and unafraid.

Give us the hope that looks beyond this mortal life and grasps hold of things unseen and eternal.

Give us the love that binds us more closely to one another and to you our risen Lord; to whom be all glory and praise, dominion and power, now and forever.


Lord in thy Mercy – hear our prayer.


Lord, we pray for your servant, Elizabeth our Queen. Continue to give her wisdom to fulfil the duties of her calling. Continue to enrich her family and home; may she always be a source of strength and inspiration to us her people, and promote your honour and glory.

As her Platinum jubilee approaches may she feel the love that surrounds her from our Nation.

Lord, we ask you to bless our clergy and give them compassion, wisdom and strength as they go about their duties and may you fully restore and refresh Linda.

Lord in thy Mercy- hear our prayer


God bless our land;

God bless our rulers;

God resolve our differences;

God revive our churches;

God forgive our selfishness;

God protect our homes;

 God strengthen our faith;

Lord in thy Mercy---- hear our prayer


Heavenly Father we pray to you for peace and harmony in our beautiful world that we may all love and share together.

We pray for all those involved in war throughout the world and we especially remember people in the Ukraine and Russia. We pray for the frightened, the injured, those displaced, those with little shelter, food and water and those who need medical care. We think of the families who have been traumatised by terror and those who are grieving for their departed.

We give thanks to the generosity of so many around the world in trying to help those caught up in the horrors that are taking place. May our hearts be touched by this war and the inhuman events that have been unfolding. May we help in whatever way we can and constantly remember those affected in our prayers daily.

Lord in thy Mercy-Hear our prayer



Lord, we thank you for our close community here in Ladock and for all those who strive to bring us closer together.

As days lengthen and the sun regains its strength may we give thanks for the beauty of our wildlife, trees and flowers of our countryside.

We give thanks to those who are working so hard to bring joy to Ladock when we celebrate the platinum Jubilee in June.

We remember in our prayers all those who are unwell in body, mind or spirit and those we know to be struggling from day to day.

We remember Gail and David, Richard and Rosie, Kirsty in New Zealand and any know personally to us.

Lord in thy mercy- Hear our prayer


Lord be with those who are recently bereaved throughout the world but also here in Ladock. This morning we especially remember Barbara, Vanessa and Stephen as they mourn the death of Ian, husband, father and friend.

Comfort them Lord as they grieve their loss.

 May we recall to mind any who’s years mind falls at this time


We pray for those who have died in faith that they may have life in Christ. Bring them the joy of heaven where they may worship and adore you for ever.

Today we especially remember our Christian brother Ian Holt.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.


Merciful Lord,accept these prayers for the sake of thy dear son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.


















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