Shirley's Intercessions for Harvest Festival Sunday 4th October 2020

Harvest Festival  Trinity 17 October 4th 2020

We come to you Lord humbly in prayer today.

You walked amongst us once and know us so well and give us everything we need to live our lives fully.

Let us open our arms and hearts to realise that we need look no further than you Lord.

At times we are weak and stray but let us always hear your calling and return to your tender mercy and fold.

Lord in thy Mercy – Hear our pray


It is with heartfelt thanks to you Lord that we come together either here at Ladock church or within our homes to give you thanks especially today for our Harvest.

Lord of the Harvest by whose mercy our needs are supplied. We are taught by your word that for our daily needs we are dependant not only on the work of men’s hands but also upon  providence  of your fatherly care.

 We pray to you at this time for your gifts for us in nature by which the earth is enriched and made fruitful and for the labour of those by whom the harvest is gathered in.

Make us thankful for all that we receive, and teach us that in the whole of life we are workers together with you, the author and giver of all good things through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Lord in they Mercy – Hear our pray

Heavenly Father there is adequate supplies of food and water for all on our planet. Let us learn to share and not waste supplies. Let us learn to not stock pile and to distribute supplies of food to those who are in desperate need in our own country and also throughout our world.

Today we think of those who hunger and thirst, for those who are too poor to buy food, for the homeless, the starving children here and abroad and for those who are unable to utilise food for they have not the knowledge on how to prepare or cook. Let us share with them all in term of food and skills.

Look with mercy on a world where the greed is gain and deprives many of their rights… Guide those in authority to govern by the true values of your kingdom.

In all our dealings with each other teach us not to trust our own desires, but to follow where Christ has led… making us honest in our work, seeking the good of others.

Have mercy on those who have been made poor by the dishonesty of others …..relieve their needs and give them hope of renewal in your purpose for them.

This morning we pray for the food banks around the country all who administer and all who receive.

Lord in thy Mercy – hear our prayer

Lord we thank you for our leaders who have difficult decisions to make as we live through the Covid epidemic. Let us heed and abide by recommendations advised by our government and advisors.

We pray for our Queen and all her family as they too have their lives impeded as we are by restrictions.

We give thanks for our Team of clergy, Joachim, Linda, Pat and Paul. Care for them Father as they care for us.

Lord in thy Mercy- Hear our prayer.

This morning let us pray for peace in our troubled world and for all those individuals and countries that are ravaged by war and hatred.

Lord we ask that you open our eyes to see our past wrong doings. They can never be made right by violence. Let us pray that we all learn from our mistakes and ignorance and learn to share, respect each other and live together in peace.

We pray for all those affected by natural disasters and climate changes. Let us learn to respect the wonderful world you have given us and help us prevent the drastic manmade changes which are killing our planet.

We pray for you to protect us all from the effects of the Covid 19 virus. If it be your wish Lord, we pray that a vaccine may be found to eliminate this disease.

We pray to you for all those who care for those affected by the diease.

Lord in thy Mercy … Hear our prayer


God who made everyman and who may be found in every place continue to make our parish a caring neighbourhood, make your people a true community.

As a church we pray for all those in Ladock and welcome any who may be new to our community.

We remember all those who may be continuing to self isolate, those unwell, the sad, the depressed and the lonely.

Today we pray for Richard, Rosie, Judy and Baby Ben, Mary and Stanley, Joyce and Charlie, Hilary and Dennis and Renfree as he recovers from his major surgery. May he soon return to the fold.

Lord in thy Mercy- Hear our prayer.

Lord of compassion we ask you to uphold all those who are grieving at this time and remember the Ould family, the family of Maggie and Eileen and any others known personally to us.

We pray for those who have died in recent days, Eileen, Bert and Maggie and the many thousands throughout the world.

May they rest in peace and rise in Glory

Merciful Lord accept these prayers for the sake of thy son our saviour Jesus Christ our Lord .







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