Rosie's Intercessions for Sunday 18th October

 Intercessions for Trinity 19, Sunday 0ct 18th 2020

´╗┐Today is the Feast day of St Luke, the writer of the third Gospel. He was also a doctor, and because of his care of those with bodily needs he became, and remains today, the patron Saint of Doctors. Through his Gospel we learn how caring and compassionate Jesus was and the concern he always showed for the sick  and poor and anyone in need of mercy and forgiveness.
Heavenly Father, help us to remember you are our Shepherd, and to keep focused on the spiritual dimension of our lives. We ask that you be with us now as we intercede for others and make us of one heart and mind as we pray.

Lord, we pray for our church during this difficult time. We pray for our clergy - Joachim, Linda, Pat and Paul,and give thanks for their care , their dedication and commitment to us all.

We pray Lord for those who still don’t feel entirely comfortable with returning to services in church but are grateful for the online services and music.

Lord in Thy mercy ...........Hear our prayer.


Heavenly Father, we pray for Boris Johnson and his cabinet as they face untold difficulties and the desperately worrying problems due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus and also with the final deal with Brexit.
We ask Lord that you grant them the insight, compassion, courage and understanding needed to deal with these worrying situations  that affect us all in so many different ways.
And so we pray for all those  struggling world wide due to the effect of Covid 19 on health, jobs, wellbeing, as well as the difficulties caused to many by leaving Europe with no deal, especially our farming and fishing communities. With your grace.may we all be inspired to reach out in love to one another and to rebuild our world so all may once more flourish.
Lord, in your mercy.......................Hear our prayers.


Heavenly Father, we offer up our prayers for all who are ill with Covid 19, and pray for the souls of those who have so sadly died. We pray that this vicious illness may be brought to an end. 

We pray for all who are suffering from mental or physical health problems  and ask for your healing love for them all. This morning we remember Hilary and Dennis, Joyce and Charlie, Stanley and Mary, Gail, Mary Goodman,Rita Goldsmith, baby Ben and his parents,Judy,

and anyone known personally to ourselves. May you grant them all your healing comfort and love, impart in us all a true compassion for suffering and help us Lord never to forget or neglect the distress of others. We pray for our neighbours, may we share in their sufferings as well as their hopes and dreams, in the knowledge that with your help

love and light can be shed on a world that can sometimes seem full of darkness.

Lord In your Mercy...........Hear our prayer.


Father God, we do earnestly pray for peace in the many war zones in the world, and ask that you give comfort and help to the many living in Syria, Iraq,Afghanistan, and innumerable other war torn places ,where there is so much suffering.  We pray for the Aid agencies that they are enabled to help with shelters, food and warm clothing. We pray that the ceasefire deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan will be honoured and that peace may be restored.

Lord in your mercy..........Hear our prayer.


Lord , Thankyou for giving us life. We give you our grateful thanks for all that is good and gracious in our lives despite the current worries and difficulties. We are thankful for our food, clothes and warm homes, for music and books, for the beauty and creativity of nature....currently the blazingly brilliant reds and oranges of autumn and wonderful displays of scarlet berries, nuts and acorns - food for the birds and little woodland animals in the winter. Teach us to count our blessings and be thankful for all that is bright and positive.

Thankyou for being with us Lord and for listening to our prayers.


Please accept our prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Amen.








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