Rosie's intercessions for Sunday 15th November 2020

Gracious  Lord, as we intercede for others on this third Sunday before advent, we ask that you accept our prayers with your merciful goodness, and look with compassion and mercy on all who turn to you for help.

>> Lord in your mercy....hear our prayers.

>> We pray for the church, and at this difficult time we remember and pray for our clergy, Joachim, Linda, Paul and Pat, as they cope  with the  Increased pressures caused by the worries and problems of the Covid 19 virus. We ask that you bless them, and all clergy, with your encouragement and love and keep them refreshed by your Holy Spirit.

>> Lord in your mercy....hear our prayer.

>> Father God, the Prime Minister and his cabinet carry the most enormous burden of responsibility, and we pray that you give them health, strength and courage.  Impart the spirit of your wisdom into their hearts and minds as they seek to serve the people of this country with decisions that are appropriate given the tremendous difficulties of the current situation.

>> We pray for our Queen, currently in residence at Windsor castle, for Prince Philip and all the Royal family and ask for continuing good health for them all.

>> Lord in your mercy......hear our prayer.

>> God of infinite mercy, as our NHS continues to cope with the nation’s health dominated by the Coronavirus, we continue to pray for all hardworking nurses and medical staff everywhere, but think today especially of all those working at our own Treliske Hospital..the Doctors , nurses, ambulance drivers, all ancillary staff, and ask that you strengthen them with your spirit and give skills, empathy and resilience that thro  their dedication many will be restored to good health.

>> We pray also for all the staff  at Probus surgery as they battle with a heavy case load while having to cope with the many difficulties caused by the pandemic, and ask for your love and support for them all.

>> We give grateful thanks to our scientists and all who are working so hard in laboratories to find a vaccine for covid 19 and pray that their recent discovery will prove to be successful.

>> Lord in your mercy......Hear our prayer.

>> Heavenly Father, we bring before you all who are facing illness today, who are anxious, worried, frightened or distressed .We ask you bring healing, peace and comfort to their bodies and minds . Today we pray for Howard and Jacquie and family, Hilary and Dennis, Stan and Mary, Ian and Barbara, RIchard, Judy, baby Ben and his family, Gail, Joyce and Charlie, and anyone known only to ourselves.

>> Lord in your mercy....hear our prayer.

>> Today we remember with sadness that the Methodist Chapel In Grampound Road is to close. We pray for all our friends there who are holding their last service in the chapel  this morning. Ladock church has had close links with the little chapel for a long time and have enjoyed the regular joint services. We hold the congregation there today in our prayers and hope we will still meet up with them in Ladock church.

>> Lord in your mercy...hear our prayer.


>> God of all seasons, we give you thanks for all the pleasures of Autumn, for the touch of coolness in the air that gives us a burst of energy. For the amazing colours of the trees that shows your creativity, and the falling leaves that reveals the strength and beauty of the branches, and for this change of seasons that completes the circle of life.  For all this beauty that surrounds us, and lifts our spirits, we are indeed most grateful.

>> Thankyou for being with us Lord, and hearing our prayers.

>> Please accept our prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


>> —————————————————————————————————————————

>> Jesus Christ is the light of the World, a light no darkness can quench.

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