Rosie's Intercessions for Ascension Sunday, 29th May 2022

Intercessions for Ascension Sunday May 29th 2022


As we offer up our intercessions this morning in the beautiful church of St Probus and St Grace, let us pray to our Risen Lord and Saviour, whose compassion and mercy never fail us.

We pray for all the churches in our Team,and for the Church in our Diocese and throughout the world.We pray for our Team rector,Joachim, and for Linda, Paul, Canon Pat and Fr Greg. We are especially thinking of Linda as she returns to her ministry amongst us.We ask that you keep us all in Christian love for one another.

Risen Lord,in your mercy, ........hear our prayer.

We pray for Elizabeth our Queen as her Platinum Jubilee approaches, and we pray Lord that her health problems won't prevent her participation in and enjoyment of the planned events. We give thanks for her many years of her resilience and dedication to duty.  We pray for our Prime Minister and his government, currently beset with so many difficulties and problems. Give grace and wisdom to those in authority, that they may work only for the good of the country, taking decisions which affect the lives of so many people. We particularly pray for all who are suffering extreme financial hardship.

Risen Lord, in your mercy,......... hear our prayer.

God of righteousness, mercy and love, we pray for peace. We ask that you calm the storms that trouble this world, and we pray for all areas where there is conflict - especially remembering the horrific war in Ukraine. We keep in our thoughts and prayers all innocent victims, and the agony and fear they suffer. We pray for a time when there is peace on earth and goodwill between all humankind. Jesus Himself stood amongst His disciples and said, 'Peace be with you,' and blessed them as he ascended into Heaven. We pray for this precious world, lent to us to nurture for future generations.

Risen Lord, in your mercy....hear our prayer.

Heavenly Father, we bring before you all who suffer in body, mind and spirit, an pray you may grant them your healing, in faith, hope and love. We earnestly offer up prayers for the NHS, currently struggling to cope with many difficulties. We give thanks for the dedication of doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, paramedics and all personnel who work hard to care for us. We think of anyone who is in special need of our prayers at this time, remembering Hilary, Shirley, Richard (add others) and all those known personally to us.  We remember before you, Lord, all those who have recently died,and pray for the souls of Barry Wilcox, Margaret Richards and Ian Holt. May they rest in peace...and rise in glory. We ask for your blessing and comfort for Barbara, John and Barry's family as they grieve their loss.

Risen Lord, in your mercy.... hear our prayer.

Lastly Lord, in the midst of our anxieties, we remember to give you our profound thanks for all the beauty of the earth: for the stars, moon and sun; for the sea and coast and cliffs; for the richness of the Cornish countryside , the moorland and rivers; for trees, flowers birds and all your creatures.We offer you our praise for all these beautiful gifts, and pray that we will guard them safely for our children, and all who follow us.

Merciful Risen Lord, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. AMEN


Rosie's photos of her beautiful flowers.

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