Caroline's Intercessions for Sunday 9th August 2020

Heavenly Father we thank you for the past week; for all the good actions and good people we have encountered or heard about.


We are sorry that we have fallen short of your desires for us by our actions, attitudes, prejudices and misuse of your resources. Thank you that we can be sure of your forgiveness and love for each of us whatever we have failed to do this past week. Help us to be reminded that we are temporary stewards of all you have given us and that everything is in your care and ownership.


Teach us how to be radical with the gifts and possessions we have been entrusted with, to tread lightly on the earth and to be generous with our time, our money and our talents. Show us clearly how we can make a difference for good this coming week.


We cry out to you for every single person in the city of Beirut. Father, only you know the real horror inflicted on the Lebanese people over the past years. We cannot imagine how there can be any hope in that city, but we ask confidently for your divine hand to perform miracles in the face of such suffering.


We pray for all leaders around the world, thinking of those who influence and guide us and also those in other countries where we have connections. We pray for wisdom and discernment for all politicians, scientists and medics. We pray for those we know who are unwell in body or mind and for those caught up in accidents, particularly those affected by the Air India plane crash.


We pray for the safety and refreshment of holidaymakers who are in our county. We pray especially for the life guards, the police and for all those offering hospitality that they may be welcoming and gracious towards visitors this summer. We pray for the many migrants risking so much in perilous situations trying to cross the Channel, for those running the camps they have left and for patience and understanding for Border Patrols and Home Office officials.


We pray for those who have lost their jobs, thinking particularly of local people who worked at the Eden Project. We ask for your guidance for agencies such as Citizens Advice centres and others giving reassurance and help to those looking for work or new employment directions.


However we find ourselves going into this new week, we are so grateful for the peace and beauty of the natural world, for companionship, friendship and community. We thank you for music, paintings, books and for all the uplifting material available in the digital world. We especially thank you for your daily guiding presence.


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