Barbara's Intercessions for Trinity 12, Sunday 30th August 2020

30th August 2020.




Heavenly Father, these are times of worry and incomprehension.  The world we know and love is threatened by global warning.  Our futures are threatened by the covid virus and we realise how helpless we are as mere mortals.  We turn to you in prayer – acknowledging your infinite power and trusting your infinite love. 

Father, accept our thanks and praise as we humbly bow before you.  We ask that you listen to our prayers and help us to listen to your answers.



Father we pray for all who worship you today – for the clergy, the congregations and those who are worshiping from their own homes.  We especially pray for all who attend our Team Service this morning and hope that soon we will all be able to meet to worship you in our churches – that we may sing your praise and ring out the bells – and be together in our love of you.


Father we pray for our country as we all try to get back to some sort  of safe normality – for our schools as they start a new and unfamiliar year; for our industries and services as people return to their  offices or shop floors.  We pray for our own government and governments around the world as they try to cope with the welfare and safety of us all and for scientists as they try to understand and develop vaccines.



We pray for our farmers as they try to harvest the corn in this difficult season.

We pray for all whose homes and properties have been flooded.

We pray for victims of war, injustice and prejudice.

We pray for all who are sick or worried or frightened; for the lonely and the homeless.

We pray for all who care for other people, professionally or as family members. 

We pray for all who have lost loved ones and for all who have died recently or who are facing death right now.

We pray for the souls of those whose year’s mind falls at this time


May they rest in peace and rise in glory.


Father, we are so privileged to live in this lovely area and we are encouraged by our precious time in your presence as we go to take your joy and glory to share with  those we meet during this Bank Holiday weekend.


Merciful father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ .Amen






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