Ladock Church Flower and Arts Sea Festival 23rd - 25th September 2022

Ladock Church Flower and Arts Sea Festival 

It’s some 4 years since the village launched itself into a Flower Festival. This is mainly due to the restrictions that were imposed upon us by Covid. It’s a wonderful way for people to get together in preparing and for others to come and enjoy what has been created.


The date this year will be late in the season, that of the weekend of September 23 - 25.

We have booked Will Keating and John Dowling to play and sing Sea Shanties on the evening of 25 September.



Already people have come forward with wonderful ideas. Children have already produced some wonderful art work on pebbles to be exhibited. The meeting will be for you to discuss your ideas and where you may like to put them either in the church building or outside. Your work can be as small or as large as is manageable. Some of you may like to bring artwork, photography or even stories. All is acceptable.

There will be a programme, so give thought to what you wish to call you exhibition with your name in good time to allow the programme to be put together.

We are not at liberty however to be putting nails and the like in walls, so we need to think how you will support and show off your work. Be as imaginative as you like.

We are all there to help each other in whatever way we can and the event is certainly not a competition, but of people giving their own interpretation on something.

I am always amazed at the thought and effort that goes into people’s ideas.

We are looking to borrow an anchor if anyone can help us.

During the festival there will be stewards to watch over your arrangements and keep any items safe although we do ask that you don’t bring anything too precious.

Please do invite and encourage your friends to participate. Its all good fun and amazing to see it grow For various reasons some of you may not to able to come to the meeting but do feel free to make contact.










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