News from Rev Joachim Foot, 28th June 2020

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The government announced this week that churches can open for worship from 4th July. We are currently awaiting guidelines from the House of Bishops on the specific details of what will and will not be permitted. Once we know the specifics we will be able to make an assessment of the feasibility of opening the churches for worship. I am aware that a number of you will be unable to attend from the outset. It is my intention therefore that, rather than simply ending online provision, we will continue until it is no longer necessary. 

Paul Salaman is being 'Commissioned for Ministry' on Friday 3rd July.  The number of 'attendees' has been limited due to the capacity of Zoom so we are unable, sadly, to offer an open invite. Please do pray for Paul and his family as they prepare to start their ministry with us here. 


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