Message from Rev Joachim Foot, 15th May 2020

I was asked to put together a little bulletin of the various bits and pieces regarding our online material for Grampound with Creed to make seeing what is going on as clear as possible. I thought it was worth sending this out to all churches in the benefice as it may be helpful for you. In future I will aim for this to come out early in the week so the various bits and pieces can be added to our regular news sheets etc.


Please see the two links for this week’s Holy Communion Service from Ladock Church.





I have also attached a handout to enable people to join in with the service as they wish, it includes the words to the hymns and the readings.


Highlight of this week’s service is my children deciding the Gloria was nowhere near as much fun as Daddy thought it was!


Probus has been managing really well with Zoom services over the past few weeks and I think it would be wonderful to open these up to the benefice. You are all welcome to the 0930 Zoom morning prayer that I will lead on Sunday – please check Probus website for the details, also Probus Pews News or I can send them out as required. It seems to me that although we are ‘socially distanced’ we can actually use this as an opportunity to worship together more as a benefice.


There will then be an 11:00 Holy Communion service from Ladock Churchyard, sadly there simply is not enough signal in the Church to actually host a service from there!


The details of which are here:

Click on this link:

enter the Meeting ID: 3922389099

then enter the Password: Easter6


We will open the ‘meeting’ at 11:00 but will not start until 11:10 to give people a chance to connect etc. If you don’t succeed in logging in first time, do keep trying. Zoom can be a little unreliable and I know that some people were unable to access the service last week. I also heard from one person who managed to join a different meeting altogether, I didn’t find out if it was more interesting than listening to me preach.


Additionally, Probus distributes a paper morning prayer and sermon each week to those unable to access online material, I am attaching these as well if they are of use to anyone.


If the two services of Morning Prayer and Holy Communion are received positively this week I am very happy to consider continuing in this format. If there is another type of service that we may wish to hold, say an Evensong, we can look at making this possible. Additionally if there is anyone who would like to lead a service or otherwise, (I.e. preach, lead intercession etc) be it for your own parish or for the benefice please do get in touch and we can look at how best to enable that. Equally if it is felt that you would prefer I led a service specifically for your parish then we can look at making that possible as well.


I hope to film a service next week from St Crida if possible. If I can find any signal in St Crida (ha!) we can look at hosting a zoom service from there next week if this is something people would like to see.


Please do get back to me if you have any questions or concerns. I always value feedback as it helps to tailor what we do as a benefice to meet the needs of the particular congregations.


With every blessing


Rev’d Joachim Foot

Team Rector of Probus,

Ladock, Grampound with

Creed and St Erme





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