Ladock News March 2022 - Messages from our Team Rector and Churchwarden

A Message from the Rector

The daffodils are coming out, there have been primroses flowering in my garden since early January and the camellia outside my study window is displaying its full glory. Spring is beginning to creep back in. If you're a gardener, you'll be busy planting seeds and chitting potatoes as the days lengthen. And as the temperatures begin to (hopefully) rise, I my mind moves towards this year's brood of chicks and duckling and I start to think about digging out my incubator.


Spring brings to us all the hope and joy of a world beginning to wake up. It always strikes me as odd that we celebrate new year in January, part way through the winter. It doesn't seem to fit with the natural rhythm of the world at all. The beginning of spring surely marks a more logical point for a new year.


Spring is a time when the world seems to be reborn. The days noticeably lengthen and life returns to nature. It is a time of real hope in the future. In the Church's calendar, spring contains the period of Lent, where we undertake our own journey from death to life as we remember the life, death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour. This year Shrove Tuesday falls on 1st March and I’ll be flipping pancakes: Shrove Tuesday is always a bit of a party before the fasting period of Lent begins.


Lent, coming as it does in Spring, gives us a real reminder of our place in the created order. We can stop and look around at the world and see the age old return to life in a new light, as we consider our own place in creation, that endless cycle of life, death and rebirth.


With Every Blessing,


Rev’d Joachim Foot


The planned services for March are:

6 March, Holy Communion, 11.00 am with Choir

13 March, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

20 March, Holy Communion, 11.00 am with Choir

27 March, Mothering Sunday Service, 11.00 am, with Sunday Club

27 March, Evensong, 6.00 pm


In addition there is a short service of Morning Prayer every Tuesday at 9.00 am.


The Church is open for private prayer every day, including weekends.


Full details of all the online services are on our website:


March Coffee Morning – St Piran’s Day

March 5th, 10.00 – 12.00 in the Hall is our next coffee morning when we hope that you will venture out and enjoy coffee and cakes. If you would like to host a coffee morning or help we would be most grateful. Our aim is for people to meet and enjoy each other’s company. Any profits made go to Ladock Parish church.


Mothering Sunday Service - 27 March, 11.00 am

Mothering Sunday this year falls on the fourth Sunday of the month, coinciding with our regular Sunday Club. We will be holding family-oriented morning service with special activities for the children, making cards as well as presenting flowers to the mothers and grandmothers present. All families, whether or not they are regular worshippers, will be made very welcome. It goes without saying that coffee and cake will be served.


The Churchyard

Sadly, once again there have been several instances of dog mess fouling the churchyard. Not only is this anti-social but it is disrespectful and desecrates consecrated ground. Some irresponsible owners allow their animals to wander unchecked, but the problem has been aggravated by the growing use of the churchyard as a short cut to the footpath to the Holy Well and Millay Lane. The access through the churchyard is not a right of way, it is not surfaced and it is becoming dangerous through overuse. To ensure that matters do not deteriorate further, regrettably we have no choice to lock the gate onto the lane and to direct walkers to use the clearly marked public footpath through Glebe Farm.


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