Ladock News August 2022 - Messages from our Team Curate and Churchwarden

A Message from our Curate


The Power of Stories

At the time of writing, I have just come back from doing a collective worship (or assembly in old language) at Grampound with Creed school, something that always brightens up my day. I do love leading services with the mainly adult congregations each Sunday but there’s something special about the way children will find wonder in the simplest bible story, a song or a prayer. I’ve also been working with Probus school recently as we’ve learnt together about the history of our village and church and the stories on which they were founded.


Stories have a special way of drawing us in, capturing our sense of imagination and putting across even complex ideas in the simplest of ways. It’s no wonder that Jesus used parables so much. The stories we read in the bible, be they historical narratives such as the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, or be they the picture language of Jesus’ parables, all have a power to speak to us directly in a far greater way than any sermon, essay or textbook. Some bits of the bible I may have read 100 times before but, on reading them again I can find them speaking to me afresh. Of course, it’s not really the Bible speaking though, but God. We do after all, call the bible the word of God so it’s no surprise if he can speak to us today through it. There are many ways to hear God’s voice but the simplest is through reading his word. I’d like to challenge you all to grab a bible, dust it off (or download it if you prefer), open it up and let it speak to you as if you are a small child again at story time.



Rev’d Paul


The planned Sunday services for August are:


07 August, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

14 August, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

21 August, Holy Communion, 11.00 am

28 August, Holy Communion, 11.00 am with Sunday Club

28 August, Evensong 6.00 pm


In addition, there is a short service of Morning Prayer every Tuesday at 9.00 am.


The Church is open for private prayer every day, including weekends.


Full details of online services are on our website:


Saturday Coffee Mornings in the Hall

As it is the holiday season, there will be no coffee morning in the Hall this month. The next one will be on Saturday 3 September, from 10.00 – 12.00. We look forward to seeing you then.


Children’s Sunday Club

Please join us every fourth Sunday of the month during the Church Service for Children’s Sunday Club for exciting activities, arts and crafts, games, bible stories and lots of fun in a Covid-safe environment. Numbers may have to be restricted so in the first instance please contact Roxana:


A Celebration of the Sea in Flowers and Crafts

A, three day event from September 23rd – 25th is planned, with oceans of colour to celebrate the sea in Ladock Parish church and we do hope that you will all come along to enjoy what’s on offer.

Refreshments will be available throughout the days.

The finale on the evening of Sunday 25th will be a concert with Will Keating and John Dowling, being asked back by popular demand. On this occasion they will be bringing us Sea shanties.

Please put the dates in your diary.

During the festival there will be stewards to watch over your arrangements and keep any items safe, although we do ask that you don’t bring anything too precious.

Please do invite and encourage your friends to participate and come along. It’s all good fun and amazing to see how others view things.

There is still plenty of time if you wish to be involved in the festival in any way; please do get in touch.


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