Ladock Church Fete 2021







After all your and my preparations for the event - planning the stalls, gathering and making the goods, publicity, gazebo borrowing, finding helpers, and the frustrations of the last week - the cancellations, the endless emails and telephone calls, at last one tiny little fête took place on a sunny afternoon outside the Community Hall.


You may already have heard from Barbara that, due to her hard work and dedicated team of ticket sellers, the Grand Draw made £750. Thank you so much, Barbara and everyone who bought and sold tickets.


The ‘perishables’ stall took £110 - bottles of Pimms flew off the shelves at £5 each, apples, plants, cakes etc were all quickly sold.  Thanks to Jo Nicolle who mainly took charge of this table.


That was it, really!


However, we were grateful to Reverend Paul Salaman who came over to open/close/draw the winning tickets for the Grand Draw and even more grateful to Giles who had been working away on a portrait of Paul over the last few weeks.

Thank you, Giles. 


Joe Sharp and Carole Butler were always there to advise and take on necessary jobs (Risk Assessments while on holiday is one example), always calm and good humoured.  Lots of you wrote very supportive emails to me once the decision was taken to cancel due to the surge in Covid cases, and they mean a lot.


Thank You and Best Wishes,

Jen Thomas

01726 885022 















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