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Ladock Church Mouse                                                                  



Ladock church is normally very welcoming

With a little warmth and the odd crumb or two

But this past year I do wonder

Where is the love in you?


For years I have spent the winter months

At your great house upon the hill

Normally friendly and welcoming

But of late I have felt it’s all gone a bit downhill.


I sit in my pew and wait on a Sunday

Awaiting the foot tapping music I so enjoy

but some usual faces are missing

Apart from our church warden, Joe, dear boy.


Where have you all gone?

I miss your company, your music, your food and above all your chat.

Then someone told me about this wretched virus.

Which has clearly put an end to all that.


I miss Nessa’s laughter

And David’s very sharp wit.

How I long to see the dear children

And listen to them chat and play a little bit.



You would not believe how I miss you.

Barbara, Jo Nicoll and Sue

But for now, I need a little more company

So, I have decided to vacate my pew.


The hotel across the road, I ‘m told has several shiny stars

So, I’ll give it a little go.

It won’t be the same of course

And I shall miss you all you know.


But a time will come

when we will all be together in this wonderful great house

Until such a time keep safe and well

With Love to you all, signing off –


Ladock Church Mouse (via Shirley!)




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