Children's Sunday Club 2023


The next Sunday Club is on  Sunday 28th January 2024 at 11am



January 2023

 For the Week of Prayer of Christian Unity Chris couldn't have represented it better with the children by making Lego bridges and talking about building bridges between our local village communities church, school, rugby, shop, etc. communities. Thank you all to all the families who joined us for  a fun morning in this cold January day, we all made sure we warmed with a cuppa' and cake afterwards. Very good turnout with an amazing time had by everyone.





February 2023

This morning we had a baptism. We were blessed to welcome Max in our church family. There were lots of  children from the baptism and Sunday Club who made beautiful welcome crosses for Max. These were given to Max with his welcome bible at the end of the service by the children.  Children also made lovely prayer origami that they had great fun with doing the origami game to each other.






March 2023

Sunday Club prayer read together
Children sat on the carpet and listened to the Bible story about Palm Sunday.
A discussion about Lent took place and Jo introduced the Lentern Calendar. An explanation of the calendar was given and the children had a copy to take home with them.
The children were asked to choose a palm leaf, think about people who help us and write them on their leaf. The children were asked to think about who they could help and write them on the other side of their leaf.











April 2023

April Sunday Club fell on 23rd April, so we just had to think about St George!  We were lucky that our George was attending today so he told us what he knew about St George.  We shared a story called ‘George and the Dragon’ before making our own dragon puppets.  Everyone concentrated very hard and helped each other if they needed it.  The children, as always, were very involved in the Service.  A very enjoyable morning, thank you.    Jenny.




May 2023

Creator God, We thank you for the gift of the life of Archie James who is baptized this morning. Welcome him into your holy church, keep him in your light and give him the new life of Baptism. Look lovingly on Archie and on his parents and godparents. May your blessing of peace and joy be with them and protect them all their days.








June 2023

Wonderful lively, welcoming and friendly church this morning as always. Lovely to have our regular children with us so keen to participate in the service. We discussed the bible quote from the sermon

"Do not be afraid, you are more value than many sparrows." (Matthew 10.24-29)

The children gave very insightful answers, questions and ideas around fear, bravery, who and what helps them not to be afraid etc. ("parents, Jesus, siblings, Holy Spirit, pets, when praying, etc.")

This bible quote could not have been better represented than by the children's beautiful and independent artwork of sparrows. Well done to you all! Very proud of all the children!

Special thanks go to our invaluable and skillful helpers Caroline and Lucia. "Many hands make light work".



July 2023

During Sunday Club last week, we learnt about how Jesus told some corn farmers not to pull up the weeds, as they would damage the crops. Taking this story, we created a paper plate with little weeds stuck down, and yellow string over the top, to symbolise how if the weeds were pulled up, the corn would be too.

It was so sad to see Joachim, Roxana, Anastasia, Theodore, and Raphael leave our parish, but lots of beautiful cards and gifts were given. We all hope they have fun in their new home. We will miss them!

Written by Lizzie Murray



September 2023

An enjoyable return to Sunday Club after the summer holidays. Chris and Jo were leaders today and read the parable about the workers in the Vineyard. The children coloured and painted pictures and ate grapes! They helped and participated in the service welcoming and handing out service and hymn books carrying the cross, reading prayers, ringing the communion bell (a leaving present kindly given by the Foot family) and lots more.


October 2023

Our 'Together chat' was all about 'Sharing'.

What do we share at home, at school, at Sunday Club, with family and friends?

Answers were: Television, house, pens and pencils.

We went on to talk about sharing our thoughts and feelings with others. Who do we share these with?

Answers were: A trusted adult, Mum, close friend, teacher, my cat. I don't share everything with my brothers or sisters, they might tell.

Activity: Making a card for their 'Trusted Adult' to thank them for what they have done, for being there, helping, listening and giving advice.






November 2023

Today the children had fun making Christmas Tree Decorations for the Sunday Club Christmas Tree. 

We are taking part in the Christmas Tree Festival, the theme is 'Pantomime' being held in the Church 10th December. The children & I discussed their favourite Pantomime and 'Treasure Island' was the most popular. So come & see our handy work 'Me hearties'.









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Next date for Sunday Service with Sunday Club is 28th January 2024

Please join us again.

Contact Jo on 07873174923

With thanks and blessings, 




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