Prayers for 4th March 2018


PRAYERS      including collect for St. Piran


We thank you Wise and powerful God that you have saved us and called us.  Please help us in this Church to share this simple and life-changing message.

We continue to pray for a new Rector who will help us to do this.

And we ask your blessing on the conversations we have over the Lent Lunches.



We pray for your world that leaders would recognise the value of forgiveness and reconciliation, lay down their weapons of might and destruction, and engage in peace talks around the table.  We particularly pray for Syria, and other countries no longer in the headlines of the news.


We thank you for our Family and friends, and all who enrich our lives by their forgiveness, compassion, and kindness.

We pray for those without faith, or whose faith is frail and uncertain.  We ask that they may find in you a sure ground for faith, a firm support for hope, and the assurance of sins forgiven.


In this cold weather, we pay for the ill and suffering; may we show your warmth and refuge both in our attitudes and actions.

We pray for all who are sad and bereaved; may they know your comfort and peace.


So we commit ourselves and all who we remember to your love, and wisdom and power, so that we may be changed into your very own likeness, and play our part as you have called us.

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