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The Parochial Church Council

The Churchwardens and Ladock Parochial Church Council are responsible for the management and maintenance of the church.  The PCC comprises some ex-officio members but many are elected by all those on the church Electoral Roll, should the need arise.  There are approximately four meetings a year and an Annual Parochial Church Meeting in March, open to members of the public as well as those whose names appear on the Electoral Roll. 

The current members and officers are:

Chairman: Rev. Canon Andrew Wade, Team Rector

Vice Chairman: Rev. Ellen Goldsmith, Team Vicar

Churchwarden and Lay Vice Chairman: Mrs Shirley Soper

Churchwarden : Mrs Sue Smith

Secretary: Mrs Jennifer Thomas

Treasurer: Mr Ryland Shephard

Fabric Officer and Tower Captainr: Mr Renfree Stephens

Deanery Synod Rep: Mrs Vanessa Morcom

Electoral Roll Officer: Mrs Barbara Holt

Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Jane Sloan

Mrs Jacqui Ball

Mr David James

Mr Jeremy Sharp

Mrs Lindy van Welie

The Heads of Grampound Road and Ladock Schools