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April 2018 Newsletter from Rev Ellen Goldsmith



Are you ready for April Fools’ Day! 

The first of April some do say,

Is set apart for All Fools' Day;

        But why the people call it so

Nor I, nor they themselves, do know…

18th century folk rhyme

No-one really seems to know how the Day originated:  some think with Chaucer in the 14thC, when he wrote about a fox playing a prank on a rooster.  In some parts of Europe, 1st April is known as April Fish Day because there are a lot of fish in French streams and rivers around 1st April, and they are easy to catch - foolish fish!

Sometimes it can be difficult separating the foolish and fake news from the wise and true - and not just on the 1st of April!

And this is a challenge for would-be followers of Jesus Christ.  Easter Sunday this year is on April Fools’ Day!

St. Paul reminds the early Corinthian Christians that it can seem foolish to trust that, when Jesus died, he put us right with God:  his arms, outstretched on the cross, held God in one hand and us in his other, and he drew them together – they had been separated by our turning away and going our own way.  It seems improbable and unbelievable – even foolish -  but it is the experience of many down the ages to find amazing forgiveness and peace when this is acknowledged and taken on board. 

Another piece of evidence to back up this truth, is the resurrection of Jesus which we celebrate on Easter Sunday.  It can sound like an April Fools’ prank.  The first people to visit Jesus’ grave found it empty, and thought it was some sort of trick or mistake.  But the body of Jesus was never produced to refute the resurrection.  In addition, meeting the risen Lord Jesus empowered his followers to spread this good news far and wide, even though this led to death for many of them – not something people usually do for a lie or prank.

We don’t, of course, have all the answers worked out about life and death and resurrection; but once we dare to put ourselves in God’s hands, we discover how wise and powerful the simple message of Jesus is in our lives:  changing us, motivating us, bringing out the best in us (and dealing with the worst!).

This is something to celebrate every day, and especially this year on April Fools’ Day!

Good Friday: 30th March     Service of Reflection, 10.00 a.m.

   Walk of Witness and Service at St. Nun’s Grampound, 1.45 for 2

Easter Sunday: 1st April       Family Holy Communion 11.00 a.m.

The Annual Church Meeting:  Tuesday, 10th April, 7.30 p.m.; all welcome.

‘Exploring Our World’:  The second in this series will be an illustrated presentation by Andrew Nicholson on Friday 27th April, 7.30 p.m.:  ‘Solar Eclipse over America’

Sunday 29th April:  Team Service at Ladock Church, 11.00.

Revd Ellie Goldsmith, Team Vicar, Tel. 01872 520192, ellen.goldsmith@btinternet.com

Safeguarding Officer:  Jane Sloan  jsloan24@btinternet.com