St Ladoca Parish Church Annual Report 2017





The Annual Report and Financial Statement of the Parochial Church Council for 2017  presentated  at the Annual Parish Church Council Meeting on 10th April 2018


The report has been prepared to comply with the requirements of The Charities Act 2011.

Incumbent:    Vacancy

Team Vicar:   Reverend Ellen Goldsmith



                      Truro TR2 4BW


Banks:           Lloyds Bank St Austell, CAF Bank    


Independent Examiner:  Mr Geoffrey Warring


The Parochial Church Council is a corporate body established by the Church of England. The PCC operates under the Parochial Church Council Measure. The Parochial Church Council is expected by order from registering with the charity commissioners.

Members of the Parochial Church Council of Ladock Parish Church are either ex-officio or elected by the Annual Church Council meeting in accordance with the Church Representation Rules.

The Parochial Church Council met 4 times during 2017.


Jane Sloan, Team Safeguarding Officer, regularly attends PCC meetings and updates the PCC as necessary and has arranged safeguarding training.


The Standing Committee, which consists of the incumbent, two church wardens, treasurer and secretary, is the only committee required by law and has the power to transact the business of the PCC between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the council.


Members of the Parochial Church Council for 2017:

Incumbent:   Vacancy as Canon Andrew Wade retired in November 2017

Team Vicar:  Reverend Ellen Goldsmith

Ex officio

Church Wardens: Suzanne Smith and Shirley Soper

Bell Tower Captain: Renfree Stephens

Ex officio

Head Teacher of Grampound Road School.

Head Teacher Ladock School: Mary Stevenson

Elected members

Chair: Reverend E Goldsmith

Lay Vice Chair: Shirley Soper

Secretary: Jenny Thomas

Treasurer: Ryland Shephard

Barbara Holt

Vanessa Morcom

David James

Lindy Van Welie

Jeremy Sharp

Jacqui Ball


Deanery Synod Representative: Vanessa Morcom

Safeguarding Officer : Jane Sloan, Team Appointment - non PCC


At the beginning of 2017 the Electoral Roll number stood at 48.


Objectives and Activities.

The objective of the Parochial Church Council of Ladock Parish Church is to exercise the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent in promoting the Ecclesiastical Parish, the whole mission of the Church, Pastoral, Evangelistic, Social and Ecumenical. 

We have fulfilled our objectives with the Achievements and Performances of the following headings.                                                                                                                              


  • The Harvest celebrations brought in many villagers participating in decorating and attending the service which was followed by a Harvest supper in the church.
  •  Remembrance Sunday saw a good congregation at the church and several wreaths were laid at the war memorial.
  • The Annual Church Carol Service brought in many individuals on the fringe of the church.
  • Weekly Morning Prayer continues and, although only a few attend, it is very positive.
  • Home visits by the Team Vicar and Lay church member continue.
  • Monthly coffee mornings continue to thrive. Taking the church into the community; they are well attended and enjoyed by all.
  • Over the year the church has had numerous visitors - some on foot, bicycles or coaches.  All enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and peace of our lovely church. Many come specifically to view our famous William Morris windows and the Holborow Window. It is a blessing that we have an open policy to allow anyone to visit in daylight hours and this is so much appreciated. When we know a ‘party’  is coming, we ensure that someone is there to welcome them and offer refreshments.   This is always greatly applauded by the visitors.
  • 3 baptisms, 6 weddings, 3 funerals and 2 cremations and no confirmations took place throughout the year.
  • The Reverend Linda Whetter was supported at her Priesting in the Cathedral and at her celebrations.
  • Communion is taken to those in their homes.
  • In November Canon Andrew Wade retired after a long ministry. His ministry has been so much appreciated at Ladock church over the years. He and his wife, Jane, are greatly missed from our midst.



  • Ladock celebrated an open air Evensong led by Reverend Pat Robson at Fenton Ladock Farm.  Thanks to Mr and Mrs Timothy Smith.
  • Financial and practical assistance given at ‘Messy Church’ held at Grampound Road School, which is within Ladock Parish.
  • During the past twelve months or so our congregation has shared their Faith Stories with the congregation. It has been a very moving and empowering experience.
  • The Ladock Church website ( continues to be updated regularly and advertises all services, news, notices and information about the church with links to the community, diocese and beyond. Thank you to Suzanne Smith.
  • Ladock School weekly school assemblies have taken place within the church during term time. A Eucharist Service is held each term and is well received by the children, parents and teachers.
  • Ladock School’s 150th celebrations celebrated with a service in Ladock church led by Bishop Christopher Goldsmith (standing room only) with each child being presented with a painted wooden cross and a beautiful card  provided by Ladock PCC.
  • A small regular team act as sacristans, with another group regularly leading intercessions on a Sunday. We have a wider group who act as readers.
  • Our worship leaders continue to deliver the Service of the Word monthly.
  • Shirley Soper has been afforded permission by Bishop Goldsmith to administer Holy Communion as directed by Reverend Ellie Goldsmith within the Ladock community.
  • Lent Lunches at Ladock were poorly attended but a joint Lent group with Grampound Road was very successful.
  • The installation of a beautiful window and service in memory of the late Geoffrey J  Holborow took place.
  • We give thanks to our regular organists and feel very privileged to have such an array of talent in our midst. Sadly, Luke Stevenson has had to retire due to commitments in Exeter.
  • A talk by Reverend Brian and Melva Mcquillian on their Falklands Island ministry took place.
  • Ladock church choir are committed and practice regularly, leading our singing bi weekly and on special occasions.
  • Kenwyn church choir enhanced our evening worship wonderfully when they came in the autumn for Choral Evensong.
  • Our Feast Day was celebrated followed by a wonderful Bring and Share Lunch.
  • Our bell ringers practice regularly and ring for a service once a month and at most weddings.
  • The monthly coffee mornings, held by the church in the community are a vehicle to befriend, stave loneliness and promote the Gospel. The aim is not to make money other than to have sufficient to pay for the use of the community hall. The exception to this is in December when the coffee morning raises money to financially support the work of The Children’s Society.
  • The Bishop’s presentation given in July to not only Bishop Tim Thornton but at an earlier date to Archdeacon Bill and a later date to our Sunday congregation which was well received.
  • The coffee morning supported the Grenfell Tower Appeal through the Red Cross Appeal raising a considerable sum of money.
  • Grave Talk afternoon took place.
  • A very successful Christmas Tree Festival took place, over a period of 10 days with Carols around the Christmas Trees one evening.
  • ‘Welcome back Again’ for school parents, grandparents and anyone else who wishes to join the small group takes place on a regular basis.
  • Riverside group Harvest Service took place.
  • Our church continues to support the Truro Food Bank throughout the year and with harvest produce and money being sent to the Food Bank.
  • The Bishop’s Road Show took place - ‘Responding to God’s Grace’.                                                                                                                           


This past year has been a very busy year socially and very enjoyable for church and community.

  • As you will see from our report on many special occasions, such as Harvest, a social side takes place following the service, always involving refreshments.
  • Mr and Mrs Cole’s Garden Openings.
  • Church Summer Lunch at the home of Mr and Mrs Ian Holt.
  • The Summer Church Fête in the grounds of Ladock House by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs S Holborow.
  • A visit from ACE Tours.
  • Refreshments following 11am service.  All money to charity.
  • Christmas Raffle and supper.
  • Monthly coffee mornings.
  • Craft Fair refreshments served by church members with proceeds to the church.
  • Some of these events raise funds for Ladock Church whilst others support charities locally and further afield.
  • Reverend Andrew and Mrs Jane Wade’s sad Farewell.


 Our most grateful thanks go to Reverend Ellie Goldsmith for all that she does for our church and to our retired clergy who come to lead our worship from time to time.

Reverend Andrew and Jane Wade are sadly missed and we thank them for their ministry within our Team.

Many parishioners help in so very many ways to keep the life of Ladock church alive and well and to ensure the church building is safe and sound. Thank you all.


It has been a somewhat turbulent year in the life of our church with period of lows in the midst of illness and several of our dear friends in the community and church departing this life. But we have also experienced some high moments of recovery from illness and celebrating with Ladock school their 150th Anniversary and the installation of the Holborow window to enhance the beauty of our church. The Christmas Tree Festival brought great joy to many with an added bonus financially.



  • Griffin Project
  • Safeguarding
  • Recruitment
  • Food Handling and Hygiene
  • Data protection training


  • The Covenant between Grampound Road and Ladock Parish Church, which was re-established during 2013, continues to thrive. We are committed to two joint services a year with committee meetings during the year. During the course of these past 12 months, we have shared our worship in both Grampound Road and Ladock churches on several occasions.

  • We shared a Lent course lead by Reverend Pat Robson this past year held at Grampound Road Methodist church.

  • The joint Christmas Card cover was designed by Amy, a pupil of Grampound Road School, this year and dates of services for both churches over the festive season were printed within with a message from our clergy and dates of events over the Christmas period. This venture has been a great success and warmly received.

  • A Parish Profile was written jointly with Probus, Grampound-with-Creed and St Erme in order to attract applicants for the post of Team Rector.



    An informative  and attractive Welcome Pack intended for distribution to newcomers was produced containing details about the Church and many of Ladock’s facilities, clubs and organisations.

    Shirley Soper & Suzanne Smith, Churchwardens


Churchyard Report

Once again, the Churchyard has been maintained to a high standard throughout the year, thanks to the efforts of Colin Haines and several anonymous volunteers.  As always, their hard work is much appreciated by the PCC.

The legal formalities associated with the purchase of 0.25 of an acre, forming part of the field adjacent to the Churchyard extension have taken much longer to complete than anticipated. At the end of 2017 we were still awaiting confirmation from the Land Registry that the transfer of land from the Glebe to the Incumbent was complete.  Fortunately this arrived in early January 2018. 

Consequently no work was undertaken on the site during 2017, but two site meetings were held with the Parish Council and subsequently we received confirmation that they would be prepared to help with the cost of fencing.  In recognition of the work we will be undertaking, they agreed also to increase the annual grant we receive for maintenance of the Churchyard.

We intend to apply for outline planning permission and change of use in 2018, prior to undertaking any work on the new site.  Meanwhile we will clear vegetation to allow access in due course.

Jeremy Sharp


Fabric Report

There is nothing major to report and the general fabric of the  building is in good order and no problems have arisen during the recent extremely wet and cold weeks.  With this is mind, regular clearing of the rain water goods and the main valley should continue.

The water tap by the South Porch has been repaired.

Internally arrangements are in hand to replace two electric sockets, one by the pulpit and the other near the maim light switch box.  The two wall heaters made surplus following the kitchen/ toilet project will be connected into the existing circuit within the Trethurffe Aisle; this should make for warmer choir practices.

A suitable barrier rope has been put at the bottom of the stairway leading to the ringing chamber.

The lock on the South door is still difficult to operate at times and is being monitored; it would be a pity to replace it and it may be prudent to get the advice of a locksmith.

Renfree Stephens, Fabric Officer


Health and Safety

Health and safety matters within our church are continually being reviewed and updated to meet with requirements and keep all safe.

Shirley Soper, Health and Safety Officer


Financial Report

The year has been one of consolidation, the principal aims being to generate sufficient income to cover our running costs and our full MMF ‘offer’.  The accounts show that we achieved our goals, but in order to do so, we had to use more of the accumulated reserve on the general account: there was a deficit of £1,273.83 at the end of December.   The successful implementation of the Parish Giving Scheme meant that tax efficient giving rose significantly, whilst the collections at services remained stable; fund raising income improved also.  But costs continued to rise: apart from the increased MMF call, energy charges increased noticeably.  The reserve on the general account has effectively been used in full and so we will need to work especially in 2018 to satisfy all that is expected of us.  The PCC has agreed an MMF ‘offer’ for 2018 of £21,300. The Diocese of Truro is implementing a new financial system in 2019 which will challenge us with some stark realities.  It will be ‘cost-based’ for each Deanery, shared on a pro-rata basis. In its turn, our Benefice will have to apportion its own costs and contributions.  Currently, this would be 1.3 clergy costs, approx. £64,000.  Last year, our Benefice paid £55,000, 61% of total costs. We will be liaising closely with all our members and interested parties as further details of the new system are made available.

In spite of the pressures on our resources during the year, we managed to maintain out record of making donations to other causes and charities.  These included:

 Truro Food Bank: £381.00 (plus food)

British Red Cross Grenfell Fire Appeal: £254.47

Royal British Legion: £155.00

St Petroc’s Society: £429.83

As indicated elsewhere in this report, the highlight of the year for us all was the installation of the new window in memory of Geoffrey Holborow.  The cost was covered almost entirely by the funds raised from collections at Geoffrey’s funeral and thanksgiving service, plus donations from family and friends, as reported last year.  In addition, the PCC contributed £500.  The residue of the money raised will be used to help with the cost of a memorial plaque, which will include Lady Mary as well as Geoffrey.

We hold £18,420 in our Capital Account.  These are the surplus funds, left after the fund raising for the new kitchen in 2014.  It is anticipated that they will be used for the cost of repairs to the fabric and lighting systems as required.

The PCC collectively acts as trustees for the Canon Wise Trust.  This was established under a Charity Commission Scheme dated 8 March 2007 (4019554).  

The endowment of £220,573 was the proceeds of the sale of the old Grampound Road School, which was owned by the PCC.  The purpose of the Scheme is ‘to further the religious and other charitable work of the Church of England in the parish (of Ladock)’.  Grants are given to help our two Church Schools as well as to encourage alternative types of worship (Messy Church for example).  In addition we have maintained our programme of buying bibles for the leavers at our schools.  In 2017 we contributed crosses to all the children at Ladock School as it celebrated its 150th anniversary.  In the longer term our intention is to use the income from the Trust for mission work in both Ladock and Grampound Road.  

The assets of the Canon Wise Trust are held by the Truro Diocesan Board of Finance as custodian trustee under the designation ‘Wise’.  The PCC retains responsibility for the oversight of the Trust assets, with the guidance of the Treasurer who is an Approved Person (CF30) under FSMA 2000.  The PCC does not have an ethical investment policy, but investments are only made in CBF Funds, specialist charity funds, UK Government Stock and the larger, well established investment funds.  

The market value of the investments in the Canon Wise Trust and the change over the last year are shown in the accounts.

Miss E A Hotten Bequest

The Churchyard report explains how we are using part of this generous legacy to cover the cost of the churchyard extension.  During the year the purchase of the land was completed and the legal fees became payable.  We anticipate that there will be approximately £90,000 available for investment after allowance for the cost of the extension; discussions on the use of the income are underway.

Finally, we hasten to record our gratitude to all those who help with the work of our Church, both financially and in kind.  We really could not survive without your generosity and goodwill.

 Jeremy Sharp


Bellringers' Report

We attempt to ring the bells on the first and third Sunday of each month, however this has proved difficult at times due to a general lack of ringers as those available ring at more than one tower if the service times allow. 

For example I ring for the Probus 10.00 am service and at Ladock for our 11.00 am service.

However our first and third Wednesday practices are well attended where Method and Call Change ringing is carried out.

I am grateful to a number of the band who have supported me over the past year and have continued to make it a happy tower.

The highlight was of course the Christmas Tree Festival; enthusiasm ensued with much enjoyment.

It was with sadness when we heard that a former Captain, Henry Hoskin, had died.

Renfree Stephens, Tower Captain

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