2018 Church Fees

The Church of England Table of Parochial Fees

From 1 January 2018

Prepared by the Archbishops' Council


The main fees that are currently payable by law (excluding 'Extras' (See Note 1)) are set out below

The full table including notes, guidance and FAQs are available from links on the Fees page of the Church of England website.






Publication of banns


Service (in church, cemetery, or crematorium)(See Note 3)


Certificate of banns, if required


Burial in churchyard, preceding or following on from service

in church


Marriage service


Burial in churchyard, on separate occasion, or without service in church


Marriage certificate, at registration, if required (See Note 2)


Burial in cemetery or cremation immediately preceding or following on from service in church




Burial certificate, if required




There is no fee for a service of baptism. Certificate of baptism, if required          £   14.00


           Monuments (see Note 4)

These normally range from £41.00 to £128.00 depending on the type and size of the monument required




SEARCHES IN REGISTERS, ETC.                        £

For the first hour (inclusive of one copy of an entry in certain registers)                     29.00

For each subsequent hour or part of an hour                                                            29.00

Additional copies of entries                                                                                        14.00


1.       The fees listed above are the statutory fees payable and do not include charges for heating, the services of a verger, music (e.g. organist, choir), bells, and flowers, which are fixed by the Parochial Church Council. In the case of a marriage service or a funeral service in church, any costs and expenses incurred in respect of routine administration (including arranging dates and times and the making of entries in registers), making the church available and lighting it are included in the fee prescribed as payable to the Parochial Church Council.

2.       The fee for a marriage certificate is fixed by the Secretary of State.


3.       'Monument' is a technical term and includes, for example, a gravestone or headstone.

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