October 2019 Message from Rev Joachim Foot

A Message from the Rector


On October 19th the Church remembers a local boy, Henry Martyn. Henry Martyn was born in Truro in 1781 and went to Truro Grammar School. After a spell at Cambridge, where Martyn was ordained and served as a curate in Holy Trinity Cambridge, Martyn joined the East India Company as a chaplain in 1806. Martyn was an exceptionally gifted linguist and, whilst in India translated the New Testament into three different Indian languages. He also translated the Book of Common Prayer into Urdu, all before his 30th birthday! Martyn would later travel West through modern day Iran and Turkey before heading to Armenia where he died, possibly of plague, in 1821.


Martyn serves as an example to all of us of dedication and service to the faith. The British Empire was often brutal in the way it controlled and managed India. Yet what we see from Henry Martyn through his commitment to translating the Bible into the native Indian languages was a remarkable sensitivity and perceptivity to the needs of the Indian people. Martyn’s legacy lives on to this day in the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide which is a study centre from Missionary work and intercultural exchange was founded in honour of Henry Martyn.

May Henry Martyn rest in peace, and rise in glory.


Reverend Joachim Foot

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