March 2018 Newsletter from Rev Ellie Goldsmith

NEWS from LADOCK CHURCH for March 2018

March sees us wending our way through Lent, and the daffodils and tulips are a glorious reminder of the resurrected life we shall celebrate on Easter Day, 1st April.

There will be one addition to the Service this year that might interest you.

We have had some small, wooden, ‘holding’ crosses made which we will bless on Easter Sunday.  These will then be available to buy with a special offer:  buy one for £5, and get one free on the condition that you give it away to someone in need.  A short explanation and a prayer will accompany the crosses.  We know that many people have been helped to remember God’s peace and presence by holding a cross, especially when going through difficult times.  It is a simple and effective way of sharing God’s love and care with someone else.  I think we might be surprised at where the crosses end up!  And encouraged to know that God will make his presence known there.


The Cross is the Christian sign par excellence, that we think about particularly at Easter.

Like all badges, it tells a story and it says something about identity and belonging to God. 

But what about the story behind this sign? 

It does, of course, point to the death that Jesus died:  this was no ordinary crucifixion. 

The Bible explains that the wrongs of the whole world were on Jesus’s shoulders that first Good Friday. He was weighed down and crushed by this load. By taking in and upon himself all our sin - without recycling it or paying back - it has been dealt with, and we are forgiven and freed. And our forgiveness also depends on another part of the story of the cross:  our hollow chocolate Easter eggs remind us of the empty cross and the empty grave.  After paying the ultimate price, Jesus’ body was taken down from the cross and laid in a tomb. He was then raised from the dead on the first Easter Sunday - new life that he also shares with us now and through all eternity, resurrection proving all that he had accomplished.

So come and share the services and the celebrations!  There might even be a few eggs around!


Another opportunity is to buy a Bible, perhaps in memory of, or dedicated to someone, that will be used in the Church. The Bibles will be inscribed appropriately, and cost £15.  If you are interested, please get in touch with Jacqui Ball, or Tel. 01872 510715. 

There’s a similar opportunity to buy a chair for the church, with a commemorative plaque; please contact or Tel. 01726 882697.

Shirley is also the person to contact if you are interested in looking at the Church records, including Ladock History books, compiled by Elizabeth Hotten.


Mothering Sunday comes in the middle of Lent, and gives us a mini-break from Lent’s disciplines.  So there will be flowers and cakes with our coffee on Sunday March 11th; service starting at 11.00.

Our website gives details of a number of special events planned for 2018, including a series of talks about ‘Exploring Our World’.  The first will be an illustrated presentation by a group of people who recently visited Israel.  It will be on Friday, 23rd March, at 7.30 p.m.; the second will be on Friday 27th April, with Andrew Nicholson.

Other important dates:

Good Friday, 30th March                     Service of Reflection, 10.00 a.m.

                                                             Walk of Witness and Service at St. Nun’s Grampound, 1.45 for 2 p.m.

Easter Sunday, 1st April                       Family Holy Communion 11.00 a.m.


The Profile for applicants for Probus Team Rector is available to read on


Revd Ellie Goldsmith, Team Vicar, Tel. 01872 520192,

Safeguarding Officer:  Jane Sloan

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