Ladock Church Fete Report 2019

Back in 2016  I wrote ‘How lucky were we’!   We had a beautiful day then for our Fete and I wrote my report the next day with rain and drizzle alternating.  This time I will say the same, but for a different reason. Yesterday we were lucky enough to have a dry (with the exception of the very tiniest spat of light rain) day, amongst many showery, WET and indifferent days.  Thank you someone …… !


……. and thank YOU all.  You have been such a brilliant and enthusiastic team over the last seven years when I have been your ‘organiser’.  No ‘herding of cats’, just a team getting on with their allocated/chosen tasks, quietly, efficiently, with no fuss and very effectively  helping to raise an impressive sum of money for Ladock Church.


…….. and also a very big thank you for the beautiful flowers, the gift tokens and the lovely embroidered (I guessed instantly who’d done it!) memento you gave me.  I feel humble, very touched and very appreciative.  THANK YOU


As you can see, the Fete was once again a financial success. We raised over £3, 000.  Well done.


Jen Thomas will be taking over my role.  I know she will be brilliant at it.  She is efficient, much more organised than me (believe me!), a lovely lady and very kind.  I wish her every success and know you will be behind her all the way.


X Suzanne


See photos of the fete on the 'Photos' page.




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