July 2019 Message form our Team Rector, Rev Joachim Foot

A Message from the Rector

July starts with the Feast of St Thomas on 3rd July. With the ordinations of priests and deacons taking place at Petertide at the end of June, the feast of St Thomas often marks the first Holy Communion of a new priest. The day therefore resonates with many. I remember presiding at my first Holy Communion on the Feast of St Thomas in 2016 and the enormous sense of privilege at leading the church in an act of worship that has been celebrated continually for two thousand years.


St Thomas the apostle is a man who we can all look to for hope and encouragement. St Thomas famously known as Doubting Thomas, doubted the resurrection of our Lord: a reminder that we can all, at times, struggle with faith. It is often said that the opposite of faith is certainty and so to have doubt is only natural in the life of faith. We look to St Thomas for encouragement, hearing the Lord’s words ‘Do not doubt, but believe’ not simply for Thomas but for ourselves in times when faith seems a challenge.


Reverend Joachim Foot

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