February 2018 Newsletter from Rev Ellie Goldsmith

NEWS from LADOCK CHURCH for February 2018


The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, 14th February, and this year it coincides with St. Valentine’s Day, which is rather fitting.

Lent, of course, is associated with disciplined self-denial in preparation for Easter celebrations, and it can give the impression of a God who is strict and demanding. 

Valentine is well known for his passionate love. In fact, he was beheaded on 14th Feb., late 3C for helping Christian couples marry!  So this year, he can remind us that the Christian God is first of all a God of unconditional, forgiving love. 

Easter shows God putting his perfect love into action:  he takes all our wrongs on himself, our punishments that crushed him to death.  Something of mystery and amazement, though perhaps faintly understood by thinking how through love, we would do anything to save our children and grandchildren.

C. S. Lewis of Narnia fame, describes it like this:

He says ‘it’s like a strong man, bending down lower and lower ready to lift up a very heavy burden.  He very nearly disappears, before he incredibly straightens up carrying the whole load on his shoulders’.  As we heartily sang at Christmas, not only did the Prince of Peace rise himself, he was ‘Born to raise the sons and daughters of earth, born to give them second birth’.

Image result for clipart of atlas holding the worldThat’s the theory; this is the practice:

unburdening and receiving forgiveness is a marvellous experience;

it frees us up to be our true selves, to forgive others as we are forgiven, to be followers of Jesus – imperfect but changed, and able to bring peace to change the world, little by little.

So, do come and join us to contemplate and celebrate new life in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.



Tuesday 13th February                 Shrove Tuesday

Wednesday 14th February           Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine’s Day: Holy Communion                             Service at Probus Church, 7.00 p.m.

Mothering Sunday, 11th March  with flowers, 11.00 a.m.

Good Friday, 30th March             Service of Reflection, 10.00 a.m.

Easter Sunday, 1st April                Family Holy Communion 11.00 a.m.

Every Tuesday 9.00-9.30 am       Morning Prayer


Look out for details of special events during Lent and check out our website for more information http://www.ladockchurch.org.uk

Foodbank:  we collect for Truro Foodbank using the blue box in Church; do drop in non-perishable items. 


Revd Ellie Goldsmith, Team Vicar, Tel. 01872 520192, ellen.goldsmith@btinternet.com

  Safeguarding Officer:  Jane Sloan  jsloan24@btinternet.com

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