Evensong at St Ladoca's Holy Well at Fentonladock on 23rd July 2017

Evensong at St. Ladoca's Holy Well, Fentonladock, 23rd August 2017


Pat Robson led our evensong by St. Ladoca’s Holy Well at Fentonladock by kind permission of the Smith family, who all joined us.  The sun shone, Luke’s trumpet sang out - as did the congregation, in harmony with the buzzard mewing overhead. The cattle did not start lowing and Felicity’s dog behaved impeccably. 

Ellie helped with the service and there were 25 of us altogether.  It was a truly lovely evening – finishing with a really close look into the well – particularly by young Alice who went in above wellie level and got truly stuck in the mud.  A service never to be forgotten.  Wonderful!

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