Coffee Mornings

Ladock church and community monthly coffee mornings have gone from strength to strength over the past few years. Held on every first Saturday of the month, it is now in its 5th or is it 6th year?

Started by Ladock church as an extension of the church where people can get together and find friendship and fellowship in a warm safe environment on a monthly basis over delicious cakes and coffee.

It has grown considerably since the early days and we now have a wide number of people who look forward to meeting at the village hall monthly. In the past 12 months Tim Howes has produced a wonderful bacon butty at the requests of those that attend on two occasions.

Our Feast Week coffee morning this year was hosted by Renfree Stephens and David James complete with aprons and Dickey bows and a huge selection of goodies to eat on offer, plus the sherry!

The morning was a wonderful success and we thank them both for a really cracking start to the New Year.

During the course of the year Maureen Cole enlists help in the form of hosts and hostesses each month. Without her tenacity and the willingness of others to help, life would be much quieter on the 1st Saturday of each month.

Do we make a profit and if so where does it go? The aim of the coffee mornings has already been stated. Once the hall has been paid monthly and any money left over goes into church funds.

Thank you to all those people that help throughout the year to put the coffee morning on and to those who come along each month. It is always lovely to see you all.

Shirley Soper  January 2017


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